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For most formal and corporate occasions, buffet style catering is a common phenomenon to accommodate the different culinary preference of the guests. At Las Terrazas, we provide buffet services for clients in need of it.

Drop Off Catering

We can receive orders from you and bring it down to you where you are. We ensure your meals are freshly cooked and ready to be eaten immediately after delivery.

Sit Down Service

If you desire that your invited guests be seated and they be served by us a predetermined meal mutually agreed on between us then we are good to go.

Best Event Catering

Best Event Catering For Years
Just as food is essential to life, catering is synonymous with social events. Having a great array of tasty, nutritious and delicious cuisine cooked and served by an excellent catering service gives a touch of class and finesse to your special occasion.
Las Terrazas Catering is your best choice when it comes to planning great recipes and cuisines that will leave your guests elated and asking for more.
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Every meal is the creation of this professional team who have the goal to share their passion and emotions to offer only the best.

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The secret of great events is in their planning. At Las Terrazas, we are not just interested in preparing great dishes for your occasion we are also interested in the overall success and satisfaction of your event.

Food is the highlight of most corporate events. After spending a great deal of time deliberating and brainstorming on ideas, you deserve to unwind with a tastefully prepared meal that would arouse your taste buds.

The healthcare industry is a truly unique and essential industry. They are the superheroes that work round the clock to keep us healthy and alive. A key aspect of our services at Las Terrazas Catering is providing timely deliveries to pharmaceutical companies and hospitals.